Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve * Promoting Comradeship * Preserving History

Phone: 021 486 013
Facebook: HMNZS Ngaponga Association

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MISSION: To provide the environment, opportunity and encouragement for former HMNZS NGAPONA personnel to continue a relationship with HMNZS NGAPONA and each other, to preserve the comradeship experienced when serving and historical elements relating to the unit.

VISION: To expand the HMNZS NGAPONA Association Inc into a nation-wide organisation with similar goals.

About the HMNZS Ngapona Association Inc

The HMNZS Ngapona Association Inc is an Incorporated Society which was formed to promote comradeship amongst serving and former members of the RNZNVR.

As with many similar organisations, the RNZN is a family. Once a person has joined the family they remain with it for the remainder of their lives. The RNZNVR/RNZNR forms a significant subset of the RNZN naval family.  Many ex reservists strive to maintain a link to the naval family, to experience friendship and comradeship with former shipmates. For those who have served in HMNZS Ngapona, the HMNZS Ngapona Assn not only provides a conduit for this to occur but also allows an interaction to those who have served in other divisions, the RNZN and other services.

 As each day passes so history is made. Should adequate documentation of significant events in the history of NGA not be forthcoming, this history will be lost to subsequent generations forever. History is the human story of those engaged in the events that occur. On many occasions, those living the events have neither the drive, the inclination nor the responsibility to document the event, who was involved in the event, or the outcome of the event. The history of an organisation also shapes that organisation. One of the prime objects of the Assn is to encourage an interest in the history of NGA, and to influence the adequate maintenance of a permanent record. 

It is intended that the Assn provide support to HMNZS Ngapona ship’s company as and whenever possible as requested. It is understood that as ex members of HMNZS Ngapona this support may be limited, however it is considered important that ‘we that have gone before’ are seen to support ‘those that still serve’.

 It is considered beneficial to liaise and co-operate with like organisations affiliated or linked to other Divisions or the RNZN. Such liaison may see opportunities for social and other inter-actions.

 The life blood of all organisations are the members. Therefore it is imperative that the Assn seeks to improve its membership to meet its objectives.