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Phone: 021 274 4426
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HMNZS Ngapona  Association Inc



We are an Incorporated Society with the following objects:


a.  To foster and promote comradeship amongst former members of the RNZNVR and HMNZS Ngapona, in particular, those having an association with, or an interest in, the  RNZN and/or RNZNVR, and members of the Association.

b.  To encourage an interest in the history of HMNZS Ngapona and maintain a permanent record.

c.  To support HMNZS Ngapona if and when required.

d.  To liaise and co-operate with other Divisions of the RNZNVR and the RNZN.

e.  To encourage membership of the Association.



If you know any ex Ngapona people who are not members please encourage them to join. (Membership form attached.)


Jerry Payne

021 486 013


HMNZS Ngapona Assn Inc