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HMNZS Ngapona  Association Inc

We are an Incorporated Society with the following objects:

a.  To foster and promote comradeship amongst former members of the RNZNVR and HMNZS Ngapona, in particular, those having an association with, or an interest in, the  RNZN and/or RNZNVR, and members of the Association.

b.  To encourage an interest in the history of HMNZS Ngapona and maintain a permanent record.

c.  To support HMNZS Ngapona if and when required.

d.  To liaise and co-operate with other Divisions of the RNZNVR and the RNZN.

e.  To encourage membership of the Association.

If you know any ex Ngapona people who are not members please encourage them to join. (Membership form attached.)



It is with pleasure that I present my sixth Annual Report for the HMNZS Ngapona Assn.

The past twelve months have seen some unbelievable highs and lows for the Association, we have combatted the Covid-19 virus and we were forced to cancel three of our monthly luncheons and postpone our Formal Dinner for a year. We also had to hold several of our committee meetings via Zoom.

Due to Covid-19 we were prevented from entering the DNB and this has had an impact on progressing our history project. Notwithstanding that, some progress has been made, and we have now almost completed the scanning of the photos held by Ngapona. The next phase is to itemise all the other memorabilia held by Ngapona.

Our monthly lunches offer the opportunity to gather on a regular basis and they continue to be reasonably well patronised, though we should consider additional attractions, such as guest speakers, to attract greater participation.

While one of the objects of the Association is to liaise with other Reserve Divisions, Covid-19 has not assisted us, and I am disappointed to report that little progress has been made over the last year.

In spite of Covid, I am pleased to report that our membership has increased during the last year, and this is encouraging when so many other organisations have falling membership. I extended an invitation to RADM David Proctor to join the Association and was delighted when he accepted. It will certainly lift the profile of the Association to have Chief of Navy as a member.

The highlight of the year would have to be our Formal Dinner which was held last month with 70 attendees. Our Guest of Honour was Chief of Navy, who not only gave an excellent address but participated in the ‘Up Spirits’ ceremony. This resulted in CN making the statement that ‘the Ngapona Association have become the keepers of the traditions of the RNZN’.  We were entertained by Rebecca Nelson and a three-piece band, all of whom are Reservists.

Our primary means of communication continues to be our weekly newsletter and this is sent, not only to our members, but also to a large group of serving members of the NZDF and civilians. I know the editor would welcome any editorial items that you would like included in the newsletter.

In the planning stage is a Cocktail Function, hopefully to be held at the Navy Museum next year. If it is as well patronized as our Formal Dinner, I am sure it will be another success.

I would like to acknowledge the passing of three of our members during the last year, Richard Simpson, Mike Dinwiddie and Elaine Payne who was a founding member.

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to the Committee for the work they have done during the last twelve months, I appreciate the time you have spent attending meetings and running the Association. A particular thank you to John Gresson who has acted as the CO’s Rep and has kept the lines of communication open with Ngapona. John has now moved up the ladder and we welcome the new XO, Simon Aimer to the position. And thank you also to you the members, for your attendance at Association functions during the year. 

Jerry Payne


HMNZS Ngapona Association Inc