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HMNZS Ngapona  Association Inc



We are an Incorporated Society with the following objects:


a.  To foster and promote comradeship amongst former members of the RNZNVR and HMNZS Ngapona, in particular, those having an association with, or an interest in, the  RNZN and/or RNZNVR, and members of the Association.

b.  To encourage an interest in the history of HMNZS Ngapona and maintain a permanent record.

c.  To support HMNZS Ngapona if and when required.

d.  To liaise and co-operate with other Divisions of the RNZNVR and the RNZN.

e.  To encourage membership of the Association.



If you know any ex Ngapona people who are not members please encourage them to join. (Membership form attached.)



Message from the President - 17 December 2019

It has been an active year for the Ngapona Association and we have achieved most of our goals.

Our weekly lunches continue to be well attended, the next one is at the Swanson RSA on 17 January.

Fifty-two weekly News Letters were sent in the last twelve months, and this is the 338th since I started in 2013.

We held a boating week-end in January and plan another one next year.

The Assn mustered a platoon at the ANZAC Day parade held at the Devonport Naval Base.

Our membership is now over 80 and growing fast, however I would like to acknowledge the passing of Doug Wood and Joe Mills who were founder members of the Assn. Doug and Joe were both outstanding characters and are sadly missed.

Some members of the Assn attended the HMNZS Ngapona Cocktail Party held at the Navy Museum in June. This was an excellent event and it was an opportunity to catch up with old friends.

A successful Mid-Year Function was held at the at the Bays Club. Next year we will hold a Formal Dinner in June or July. Watch for further details as this will be a great event.

In September we held our first lunch at Tauranga. This proved very successful and we plan to hold another one next year.

The History Project has started to gain momentum. Most of the photos held at Ngapona have now been scanned and entered into a database. This task has proved very time consuming as each individual needs to be identified and recorded. The Assn has acquired a scanner and computer to assist in this task.

All in all it has been a successful year and we look forward to going from strength to strength next year.



Jerry Payne

021 486 013


HMNZS Ngapona Assn Inc